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As my working has evolved with the types of techniques and processes I am using the time came when I needed a place to store and keep the chemicals I was using away from the university facilities, not only for health and safety reasons but also because it was necessary to have the chemicals in a location were I am taking the images. For the past two months I have organised the creation of a new darkroom studio in which I can mix, keep and use chemicals for my processes I am currently investigation and provides a place for future experimentation to take place.

Plumbing and chemicals.

Sink area.

Desk space for cutting glass and film.

Desk space for mixing chemicals.

Chemical Storage.

Drying cabinet and safelight.

Apron and protective clothing.


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I was given a 150mm lens by Mike Walker, creator of the newly developed in 2011 Harman Titan Pinhole Camera. This prototype lens which is one of the three tested in this blog has a long focal length which is almost standard at 5×4 the results are displayed below. I think this lens would be good instrument to trial some portraiture in a follow up to this set of three blogs linking the three prototype lenses.

All photographs have been take in 5×4 black and white Delta 100 professional film, courtesy of Ilford.

I found this lens acted effectively when seeking a direct route to the object desired, I have experimented with a series of outdoor images using horizontal landscapes and portraits of what I have come to call my ‘tattooed circus freaks’ of Epping forest which highlight the parallels of our effect on the landscape over time. This was part of an investigation into the existence of wilderness around the outskirts of London, if it exists and where.

The use of the negative as with all my imagery is important to my own appropriation of materials, the photographic process as a concept in itself that creates the image seen. Furthermore the artefact that comes out of the camera being the image displayed or in this case shown, this being the way in which I wish the viewer to see the landscape/ backwards/ inverted otherworld captured.

I plan to further test this particular lens, as it holds the largest contrast to the original wide angle lens, with a variety of direct self portraits varying exposure and consciousness, further to my exploration of existence and non existence.

In my personal opinion my  favourite lenses is still the wide angle lens being most true to the pinhole aesthetic.


The ballooned tattooed circus freaks of Epping forest:

‘Complete Control’

This image (above) has a direct link in positioning of camera to an image taken with the medium focal length lens.

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The images displayed below are images taken with the prototype lens I received from Mike Walker at Focus on Imaging earlier this year. I have taken images in similar locations and in some instances in the same position to provide a comparison of focal lengths.

All taken on Delta 100 professional film (5×4).

‘Complete Control’

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Here are some of my initial images taken with the recently developed Harman Titan pinhole camera, all taken of 5×4 Delta 100 Professional film.

Taken from the outskirts of Essex exploring an otherworld of the possible existence of wilderness.


To end things on a positive note:

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